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PRAZIQUANTEL-TAPE WORM Eliminator Capsules- For Puppies & Dogs ALL SIZES -  5-30 Caps

PRAZIQUANTEL-TAPE WORM Eliminator Capsules- For Puppies & Dogs ALL SIZES - 5-30 Caps

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PRAZIQUANTEL 34mg - TAPEWORM ELIMINATOR CAPSULES FOR PUPPIES AND DOGS at least 2 pounds and 6 weeks of age or older
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Current expiry date September 2024

There is no need to go to the Vet for an expensive fix to eliminate Tapeworms from your pet.  These praziquantel capsules contain the exact same chemical and quantity as the wormer you get from the vet, but at a much lower cost.  So, what's the difference you ask?  Theirs comes in tablet form with a lot of non-active ingredients, this comes in capsule form (clear capsules, that you can see the white powder in), with ONLY the active ingredient. 

This listing is specifically for 34mg Praziquantel that can be given to all dogs & puppies based on the weight chart below.  This is a good listing for multi dog households.

This is for the removal of common tapeworms in dogs & puppies over 6 weeks of age. Give oral or crumble and mix with food as needed.


  • 2 to 10lb- 1 cap
  • 11 to 15 lb- 1 & 1/2 caps
  • 16 to 30 lb- 2 caps
  • 31 to 45 lb- 3 caps
  • 46 to 60 lb- 4 caps
  • over 60 lb- 5 caps
Comes in packs of 5 to 30.


It will only take one dose to eliminate the current tapeworm infestation, but if you do not eliminate the fleas your pet will become infested with tapeworms again fairly quickly.  Fleas contain the tapeworm eggs, so when your dog bites to itch where they are being bitten, they can ingest the infected flea, and this will result in your pet having tapeworms again.  How do you break the cycle?  You must protect your pet from fleas via a topical application or a flea collar.  These will make it so your pet does not become infected as often as they would without this protection.  You should also try to eliminate the fleas from your home.

Capsules are used the same way as tablets are.  I recommended that you give these to your puppy/dog orally.  The only other option is to open the capsules and put the powder directly in food (usually wet food), but if you have a picky eater, they might not eat this mixture as it is bitter.  You can also try to put the capsule inside of a pill pocket or some other treat.

A little about the medicine.....

Praziquantel Capsules will remove two types of tapeworm.  Those caused by fleas, and those that are acquired from eating rodents that have fleas.  If you see a quick reinfection, this is not because the medicine did not work, this is because you have not eliminated the sources of infection - Fleas - and - Rodents.  If you have indoor puppy/dogs that are not eating rodents, the ONLY way they are getting tapeworms is because there are fleas in their environment.  Get rid of the fleas and you will get rid of tapeworms.  If you see a re-occurrence of tapeworm in your pet's stool soon after giving them a capsule, you still have fleas.  The best way to help your pets is to have a flea topical/collar on your pet during flea season.  This will not prevent all fleas as one can hop on your pet and be ingested, but it will help.  Try other methods to kill the ones already in your house.

Your pet does not need to be fasting.  This can be given with food.

Each order will be distributed a medication information sheet to answer any questions that may not have been answered here.

*This batch has an expiration date of September 2024*      Please use or discard them by that time.

I have been using this form of Praziquantel on my animals for years now with no ill effects, but please use at your discretion and NOT more than ONE treatment per month. 



Please make sure your shipping address is correct.  I will ship to the address you have on file and cannot change that once the shipping label has been printed.   I cannot get packages back once they've been mailed.  Tracking information is included on all packages.


I accept returns within 30 days.  All returns must be in the same condition as I sent them out to you.  Buyer pays return shipping unless I've made an error.  If I have made an error, I will pay to ship the correct item to you and also for you to ship the incorrect items back to me.
Again, these are for tapeworms in PUPPY/DOGS.  Please use the table above for proper dosing information.

How do they work?

Tapeworms naturally have a 'barrier' that keeps them from being dissolved in your pet's stomach/intestines.  Praziquantel breaks down that barrier and the tapeworms will naturally be digested by your cat.  You should not see any more tapeworms.

Any questions?  Please don't hesitate to contact me to get everything cleared up.  I want every customer to have a happy experience and tapeworm free pets.